This Sushi workshop is offered as a full dinner workshop (2.5 hours). We’ll make nigiri, maki, uramaki (inside-out) and temaki (hand roll) and futomaki. We use fish and chicken as a standard, but we can also provide a vegetarian workshop. During the workshop green tea and sake are served. Other drinks can be arranged. Make no mistake; it’s a whole meal!

For larger groups with less time, we can also provide a lunch workshop (1.5 hours).

The structure (and ingredients) of the workshop can be adjusted, depending on group and location. If we have a kitchen at our disposal, we can first pay attention to cutting and preparing all the ingredients. If the group is large and the time is a bit more limited, the ingredients are prepared in advance: you’ll have time for the fun part: rolling and eating your own sushi together at the table.

We take the virus seriously and remain wary of group size and capabilities. That is why we provide more customization and there is intensive consultation. Do not hesitate to contact Sofia. We have an online workshops available. For more information (in English), please contact me.

-To be discussed (20-100 personen)
-Hilversum studio Larenseweg 15 (10-16 personen)
Amount of persons: let’s talk about that.
Duration: 1.5-3 hours
Price indication:  €45-60,00 p.p.